Equip the saints toward love and good deeds and to bring Jesus to Grays Harbor.
Equip the saints toward love and good deeds and to bring Jesus to Grays Harbor.

Here we have provided a few useful links to websites which you may find helpful in the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, and for the edifying of the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:12)
    The inclusion of a particular ministry's website below is not meant to be an endorsement by Harbor Calvary Chapel of every position taken by that particular ministry. We are simply providing a non-exhaustive list of resources which we find to be generally helpful as we worship God and study His word.

Calvary Ministry Links

Calvary Chapel - MainSite
Christian Satelite Network - Radio
KWAVE - Radio
KEFX the Effect - Radio
Calvary Chapel Church Planting
Calvary Chapel Magazine
Calvary Chapel Bible College


Calvary Chapel of Olympia - Jon Sanné
Calvary Fellowship of Seattle - Wayne Taylor
Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa - Brian Brodersen


Living Waters
Way of the Master  

Missions Links

Evergreen Students for Christ - Jeff Springer
Far Reaching Ministries
Kevin Powell

Bible Study Helps

e-Sword Bible Study
Blue Letter Bible
Charles Spurgeon Archives
Matthew Henry Commentary - Online

More Ministries

Gayle Erwin - the Jesus Style
Glad News for Muslims


Understand the Times - Roger Oakland
Institute for Creation Research - Walt Brown
Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham

Magazines and Christian Websites

Christianity Today Online
Christian History Online

Helpful Websites

Truth or Fiction? - before you believe any rumors (usually by e-mail) check them out here.