“Continue to seek Jesus’ face and grow in His Love and Grace.”

The Way of Righteousness

Psalm 1-3

The Lord Hears

Psalm 4-6

When the Enemy Attacts

Psalm 6-7

LORD of All

Psalm 8-10

Man's Treachery & God's Constancy

Psalm 11-13

A Fool or God's Guest

Psalm 14-15

Psalms of Protection

Psalm 16-17

The Greatness of God

Psalm 18

The Perfect Revelation of the Lord

Psalm 19-20

Our Precious Messiah

Psalm 21-22

The LORD is My Shepherd

Psalm 23

The Coming King

Psalm 24-25

Whom Shall I Fear?

Psalm 26-27

Answered Prayer

Psalm 28-30

Trusting in the Lord

Psalm 31-32

The Lord in  Creation and History

Psalm 33-34

Protect Me from the Wicked

Psalm 35-36

Delight in the Lord

Psalm 37

The Chastening of the Lord

Psalm 38-39

Faith Persevering in Trial

Psalm 40-41

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God is Our Refuge

Psalm 45-47

Psalm 48-49

A Prayer of Repentance

Psalm 50-51

Psalm 52-54

Psalm 55-56

Judgment of the Wicked

Psalm 57-59

Psalm 60-61

Psalm 62

Psalm 63-65

Praise God for His Goodness

Psalm 66-68

Save Me O God

Psalm 69-70

Psalm 71-72

Book I
Book II
Book III

Psalm 45-47

God is My Strength

Psalm 73-74

Dealing with Oppression

Psalm 74-75

The God of Wonders

Psalm 76-77

God's Kindness to Rebellious Israel

Psalm 78

Destroyed and Restored

Psalm 79-80

Worship, Repentance and Justice

Psalm 81-82

The Conspiracy Against Israel - Part I

Psalm 83

The Conspiracy Against Israel - Part II


Book IV

Book V