“Continue to seek Jesus’ face and grow in His Love and Grace.”

God's Servant is Here - Not Available 

Mark 1 

Beginning of Jesus' Ministry

Mark 1  

Jesus is Willing, Are You?

Mark 1:40-2:12  

Jesus vs. the Law

Mark 2:13-3:6  

Jesus is Lord of All

Mark 2:23-3:35 

Parables: For Those Who are able to Hear

Mark 4:1-33  

Obeying Jesus

Mark 4:35-5:20 

Reaching Out To Jesus

Mark 5:21-6:13 

The Disbelief in Jesus

Mark 6:14-56 

Defilement Comes From Within

Mark 7 

Are You Blind?

Mark 8 

Death and Resurrection

Mark 8:34-9:32 

The Effects of  Pride

Mark 9:33-50 

Hard Sayings of Jesus

Mark 10:1-31

Greatness is Serving

Mark 10:32-52 

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Mark 11:1-24 

Jesus' Authority Questioned

Mark 11:25-12:17 

More Questions, More Answers

Mark 12:18-13:2

Signs of the End Times

Mark 13 

The Second Coming

Mark 13:24-37

God's Thriteenth Desciple     Guest Speaker, Rick Hadley

Mark 14:1-31 

Jesus' Arrest

Mark 14:32-72

The King On A Cross - Not Available

Mark 15

He Is Risen

Mark 15:42-16:20

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