“Continue to seek Jesus’ face and grow in His Love and Grace.”

Introduction of John and Jesus

John 1:1-5

Jesus is the Light

John 1:1-23

The Lamb of God

John 1:24-51

Jesus' Ministry Begins

John 2:1-12

Jesus Cleanses the Temple

John 2:13-25

Be Born from Above

John 3

Woman at the Well

John 4:1-42

Jesus' Healing Touch

John 4:43-5:15

Jesus, Son of God

John 5:16-47

Testing of Our Faith

John 6:1-21

The Bread from Heaven

John 6:22-71

Could This Be The Christ

John 7

Freedom or Bondage?

John 8

A Blind Man Calls Their Bluff

John 9

The True Shepherd

John 10:1-21

You Still Don't Believe?!

John 10:22-42

Lazarus, Come Forth!

John 11:1-44

The Plot to Kill

John 11:45-12:19

Believing in Jesus

John 12:20-50

The Sovereign Servant

John 13:1-17

The New Commandment

John 13:18-38

A Hope for the Future

John 14:1-18

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