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Introduction to Exodus

Exodus 1:1-14

Moses is Born

Exodus 1:15-2:25

Moses at the Burning Bush

Exodus 2:16-3:22

Moses, Called to Serve

Exodus 4

Moses Confronts Pharaoh

Exodus 5:1-7:13

The Plague's Begin

Exodus 6:28-8:32

Plagues and Compromises

Exodus 8:20-10:29

Ninth and Tenth Plagues

Exodus 8:20-12:30

Passover & the Exodus

Exodus 12:7-51

Egypt to the Red Sea

Exodus 13 & 14

A Song of Thanks and Praise

Exodus 15

Bread from Heaven

Exodus 16

Water and Victory

Exodus 17

Jethro's Advice

Exodus 18

Israel at Mt. Sinai

Exodus 19

The Ten Commandments

Exodus 20

Loving God

Exodus 20:1-11

Sabbath and Neighbor

Exodus 20:8-17

Things Concerning the Law


Societal & Moral Laws

Exodus 22-23

Laws, Feasts & Promises

Exodus 23

Israel Affirms the Covenant

Exodus 24-25

Tabernacle Furnishings

Exodus 25:1-22

Tabernacle Furnishings II

Exodus 25:30-43

The Tent of Meeting

Exodus 26:1-14

Not Your Average Tent

Exodus 26:15-37

The Altar of Sacrifice

Exodus 27:1-8

The Wall of Witness

Exodus 27:9-21

The Priestly Garments

Exodus 27:20-28:43

Consecration of the Priests

Exodus 29

The Alter of Incense

Exodus 30:1-10, 34-38

The Bronze Laver

Exodus 30:11-33

Working and Resting

Exodus 31

The Golden Calf

Exodus 32

The Promise of God's Presence

Exodus 33

The Name of the Lord

Exodus 34:1-9

Covenant Renewed

Exodus 34:10-35

Offerings With a Willing Heart

Exodus 35:1-36:7

Building the Tabernacle

Exodus 36:8-38:20

Building the Tabernacle II

Exodus 38-40

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